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You still drive me crazy
...nothing's gonna change me
...How my boss can have so much confidence in me when I don't have half the confidence in myself.
...How I'm not the drunkest one at the bar (my friend is) and I still end up injured.
...Why they still have "slow, school zone" signs at high schools. Really, at that age if they're in the middle of the road I WILL run their dumb ass over.

This list is nowhere near complete but really I just don't get it sometimes. And I'm so hung over so maybe that's why?

My birthday is in a little over a week!!!

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Go take my new test people! If you know me it's super easy, if you don't it's still fun to guess!...and it took me 2 hours to make so enlighten me PLEASE!!!


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I totally forgot to mention I got a new BETTER phone Sunday. My X-mas present to myself...and 100% of my last paycheck LOL. So worth it though and I fucking DESERVE it!!!

Kyocera Lingo (M1000)

...'cept mine doesn't have the white criss-cross pattern on it like the picture.

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Woke up this morning and my phone is telling me the battery is "unauthentic" and will not charge. I think it has something to do with it being in a puddle of water from my melting shake half the night.

I'm gonna try drying it and if that doesn't work I'll have to buy a new one :(

So if you need to get ahold of me and can't get through on my phone message me on here!!!

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No one has Big Shots caps? No!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"Amber, when I grow up I want to be a racecar driver just like you."

Crap. And I drive a hell of a lot safer/better when she's in the car with me.

neversince I still have the DVD's to send. Sorry for the delay, money issues. But I'll send them ASAP sweetie!!!

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Because I don't have all my Flist's cell phone number's to picture mail you...

Amber's boobs wish you all a safe & happy 4th of July!!!

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So I get to work today and the first thing my manager says is "Amber, did you have anything to do with Kari quitting Friday?" LOL..."Sadly, no." I tell her. She smiles at me, "...but I know who did." And I tell her it was Alicia cause, well...it was. Her reply? "She was my second guess. I knew it was one of you two."

None of this was said in a bad tone or anything. In fact, my manager found it amusing. It seems Alicia and I don't always get along with everyone (okay, so I called Tiffany a bitch ONCE and I called Kari on her attitude.) It seems I've got myself a reputation. Why change? "I think I'll work on getting someone else to quit tonight..." I tell her. All my manager can do is laugh.

In GREATbeyondGOOD news. I kicked my roommate out! I have my own place back. HELL YEAH!!! Tuesday I took my sister to the high school (enrollment crap for the DMV) and I get a call from my mom saying that Bailey got out and no one can find her. SHIT. So I race home, pull over on the side of the road as I see her and get out of the car. Stupid me calls her name and she darts out into the road where not one, but TWO cars are coming. One from either direction. So I run out in the street to move her and the fucking car stopped less than a foot in front of me. Fuck that would have HURT! So I found out my roommate let her out on purpose and that was the last straw. He moved most of his stuff out yesterday and better finish the rest by tomorrow.

I haven't decided though what I want to do with the extra room. I have 3 options. Turn it into an office/library or whatever, use it as a spare bedroom and store some extra out-of-season clothes in the room since my closet no longer holds it all or (my favorite and most expensive option) turn the room into one BIG ASS closet! Any other ideas?

The downside to all this? I have FULL rent (not half like expected), a $116 speeding ticket and my car insurance (a whopping $282 this month...don't ask it's a LONG story) all due by the 11th. Rent should be fine, the ticket I can make in $20 payments if needed but UGH. I hope my check Thursday is big enough. Otherwise insurance will be LATE. :( After that I'll be all clear and then Marial and I are going to LAS Vegas the first weekend of August. VEGAS, BABY!!!

Chad and I are now a thing. Since last Sunday. It's weird not being single.

Also...anyone watched Burn Notice on USA? FUCKING AWESOME! I watched it simply cause nothing else was on and...how can you not like it? It's like McGuyver style with a hot CIA agent who's been burned and it's funny, creative, and has a great cast. Thursday nights at 10pm PST...CHECK IT OUT!!!

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WARNING: This post is all over the place!

So Summer is where all the hotties go? It seems like they're all coming out.

First there's my Jake G hottie, John, who works at Gustav's at PDX. He's yummy all over. Like Gyllenhaal with a shaved head. Adorable smile. Then there's Jared. My co-worker/semi-boss or whatever. Fuck, he's got a girlfriend and I still gave him my number. He's that sexy...and now I feel like a damn homewrecker. And Joel. My adorable little hottie cashier at the grocery store. Self-admitted fake & baker but he looks fanTASTIC in it! Did I mention other John whom works with me at Applebee's? He's delic to. But his girlfriend is a sweetheart and he's just yummy eyecandy.

So many guys, so little time! I work Wednesday through Friday and Sunday @ the airport, then Saturdays at Applebee's. I have no time for friends, let alone dates. However will I manage?

Thursday was Shane's birthday. I decided NOT to call him and wish him a good day cause what if he hung up on me? I'd be a wreck for weeks again. I want to talk to him, but I just can't handle the possible rejection right now so I keep putting it off. He didn't move to Vegas afterall, BTW.

Last night at work was a mess. I got so pissed at Alicia I actually went off on her. Today we were all (involved) called down to the office. FIguring I was the one to blow, I'd be busted. NOPE. Alicia actually got in trouble. Don, Liz, Kathy and I all got off fine. Now Alicia's mad at me and Rob is mad at me for pissing her off...

I got to go out on the tarmac at work today. Ya know, where all the planes are. They're HUGE up close. Especially Hawaiian airline's plane's. They're monstrous! Kathy has a few purdy pics on her phone. I'll try to post them once she sends them. PURDY!!! PDX on a Summer night right in front of all the lights and the water is GORGEOUS!

It's Rose Festival people. HAVE FUN!!! Be safe :)

Work early tomorrow. Sweet dreams!!!

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Guess who I got to meet today?! Anthony Kedis!!!

Okay, so for those of you living under a rock and don't know who he is, he's the lead singer of The Red Hot Chili Peppers :) He was way sweet when I asked for the picture and had the most adorable smile.

The photo hit a glare so it's not perfect, but you can still tell it's him. And forgive me, I look like SHIT in this photo.

PS~ My little sister now thinks I'm the coolest person in the world...after her being jealous she says, lol.

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