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You still drive me crazy

...nothing's gonna change me

1 March 1985
Hostess. Server. Bartender.

Girl: Musically obsessed, materialistic, shop-a-holic. 22, raven-haired, female. Morning challenged, caffeine addict, Red Bull junkie. Big-mouth, attitude, outspoken. Funloving, energetic, fashionista.

Life: Works at Applebee's, works at a cafe/bar at Portland International Airport, spends free time with family and friends when there is any, lives in Troutdale with one male roommate, has an adorable dog Bailey, loves to be a goofball.

Loves: Shoes, purses, all things clothes, chai, my dog, fast cars, pool-side lounging, shopping, movies, good music, hot guys, loyal friends.

Hates: Immature people, Starbucks, alarm clocks, working 24/7, liars, fast food.

"Wow, this ham is HUGE. It's one big fucking bird!"

In A Nutshell : SO what the hell happened to my life recently? I got bored and decided to turn it upside down. I resigned my job as manager, took on 2 jobs on opposite ends of town and moved to somewhere in between. also quit my job @ PDX. I now live with my little brother-like roommate, Troy. Still got a roommate, but I traded him in for someone else. I work my ass off at one job or another most days. On my off days I'm usually at my moms salon helping out or elsewhere doing receptionist duties for a friend. With what little free time I have I love to blow my now big paychecks on frivelous crap I don't need. I'm single, having fun and loving every fucking minute of it. Questions? ASK AWAY! I'm an open book...for now.

Q: Why did the TV Producer get stopped at airport security?
A: Because he said he was there to shoot a pilot.